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  12. When will the dsSearchAgent Mobile IDX work on Android tablets & Phones?
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  22. Want to limit the featured properties to certain counties
  23. Any way to create a link to send a mobile user to a specific search tab?
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  25. Limiting number of listings displayed
  26. IDX Report for Mobile Registrations?
  27. Mobile Landing Page
  28. Mobile site not redirecting properly or showing results
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  31. Is there a way to have mobile Home page start without Featured Listings tab expanded?
  32. Mobile search crashing in iOS7
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  34. Require Phone #, not just email
  35. Mobile DNS Settings
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  37. PhD in Feminist Studies
  38. Launched into the game development activities far.
  39. Games that create new experiences.
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  41. How is my Article?
  42. How To Make More Money As A Freelancer
  43. connect to new wifi networks via cmd
  44. connect to new wifi networks via cmd
  45. Avast customer service
  46. Best Online Assignment Writing Service
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