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  1. Getting Started Guide
  2. Only display residential listings?
  3. can you get around duplicate content?
  4. Avatar?
  5. Property Types
  6. dsIDXpress DOWN!!!!
  7. Pool on property
  8. How to Remove Size search field on Home Page for dsIDXpress
  9. idx-q-PropertyFeatures
  10. Links to Open House?
  11. Custom Link
  12. Pending/Sold Properties from Search engin to blog
  13. Who's got an awesome template for idx property results?
  14. Request: Minimum Price setting
  15. Understanding the "community" and "tract" locations
  16. 1.1.26 update
  17. Problem with idx-q-ListingOfficeID
  18. Best SEO use of dsIDXpress
  19. How to convert dsIDXpress traffic???
  20. Change the word Tract to Subdivision
  21. Displaying Search Results on Map BEFORE displaying dsIDXpress listings in Wordpress
  22. Anybody else having an issue with the email share not working in dsidxpress?
  23. Help Customizing IDXPress For The First Time
  24. search mls by keyword
  25. Need Ability to Search Two Office Codes
  26. No Listings Displayed when using idx-q-ListingOfficeID after upgrading to dsIDXpress
  27. Troubles inserting single listing into blog post
  28. Listing main image not showing up
  29. IDX-listings Shortcode Default Display on Map?
  30. Need to change domain url on account!
  31. Anybody got a list of the property type IDs?
  32. Email Contact Forms Not Working
  33. Insert a row of homes vs. a column?
  34. display Open House data with dsIDXpress
  35. No data being shown except for Latest Real Estate widget.
  36. IDX Listings Widget Not Displaying Data Correctly
  37. Listing Broker display
  38. How about a more detailed advanced search widget.
  39. Privacy Statement is missing a word!
  40. Is the any documentation for developers.
  41. Trailing slash removed from URLs??
  42. Is there a way to poll a list of schools
  43. Error with Search widget
  44. Implement TimThumb on images
  45. Any reason there is an expires header set to 1997?
  46. Tract?
  47. Automatic Hyperlinking of Tract (Subdivision) and City from Detail Pages
  48. Can we add Listing Broker in addition to Listing Office?
  49. Warning Message on MLS Disclaimer
  50. Warning Message After Wordpress Update and IDX UPdate
  51. footer disclaimer
  52. Flash Slideshow & dsIDXPress
  53. Action Toolbar showing up above contact form instead of below listing title
  54. high bounce rate on property views
  55. What is your average not found links on Google Webmaster?
  56. /wp-content/plugins/dsidxpress/js/widget-search-view.js?
  57. POSTED AGAIN: WARNING MESSAGE AFTER WP UPDATE? Can anyone help us on this???
  58. Suggestion on dsIDXpress IDX Listing Widget. Sort Order.
  59. Suggestion: Show Number of Similar Listings
  60. Lakefront is good but....
  61. Footer Gone Wild
  62. Help Getting Started with Link Structures
  63. Error Message When "Insert Propeerties" Into Post
  64. dsIDXpress listings question
  65. Sold Data for IDXPress
  66. How to disable search form from saving variables
  67. Strange font behavior on Safari
  68. Share via email not working
  69. Prices not working in search widget - or in urls for that matter...
  70. Options for Result Page Display- HELP
  71. How does Google's new policy on content farms impact IDXPress user sites?
  72. MLS disclosure link broken
  73. Full Address in IDX Listings Widget (list mode)?
  74. More descriptive title for manual search results pages?
  75. Problem Loading Data
  76. Results are displaying incorrectly everywhere
  77. Can color of search widget be changed?
  78. IDXpress with a mind of its own!
  79. How best to utilize link structure
  80. Link structure help needed
  81. Link Structure not working --please see what I did wrong and help me out
  82. Change default order of search results from widget IDX Search: real estate search
  83. Google Analytics Goal Tracking
  84. not seeing all listings when linking by Office ID
  85. Url's with angle brackets being changed
  86. Link Structure - Multiple Property Types
  87. Search Page
  88. Estate theme
  89. How to Show Widgets on Search Results
  90. Apostrophes not properly displaying
  91. Google PageSpeed recommendations for dsIDXpress
  92. Text on search pages
  93. Big drop in traffic from IDX search terms?
  94. Make the IDXpress search widget have a backend option to only search foreclosures.
  95. Featured Map Module doesn't link to individual listings
  96. Listings Sitemap
  97. Using Headway Theme with Custom Page Templates
  98. Community Name Descriptions on the Search Widget
  99. Search widget with -All property Types - returns no values
  100. Residential Lease Search also showing Residential Single Family from Search Widget
  101. Custom layout & CSS
  102. dsIDXpress "Try Advanced Search"
  103. Is IDXPress compatible with my Real Estate Board? Vancouver
  104. Robot.txt settings for IDXpress
  105. Questions and Suggestions
  106. Link Building with %(wildcard)
  107. Link Structure Error
  108. ?idx-q-AddressMasks getting redirected to ?idx_search
  109. Possible to filter by broker office?
  110. Anyway To Force Registration?
  111. See more city of (My City) real estate phrase in search result.
  112. Compatibility with Genesis Agentpress theme from Studiopress.com
  113. Google map not displaying
  114. Enhanced Breadcrumbs
  115. How to prevent pages from hanging when idxPress is down
  116. Google indexing dead IDXpress pages "city_name" vs "city-name"
  117. Links not displaying correct results.
  118. Link Building with "NOT" a Feature
  119. Schedule a Showing Calendar Mixup????
  120. Google showing Restricted by Robot for tons of idx listings
  121. How long does it take to get pages indexed using dsIDXpress?
  122. Create a "Latest Listing" page?
  123. Thoughts on the new Google Freshness bias?
  124. Custom Widget
  125. Change "no listings" notice for listings inserted into posts/pages to something more
  126. Narrowing results to areas
  127. Can we change/update the meta description for listings?
  128. Refining Subdivisions/Tracts by city
  129. Suggestion Box
  130. IDX icons don't show on o nWP editor for posts using Agent Press
  131. "tracts" list in page/post icon is incomplete and missing tracts
  132. Combine 2 or more tracts or even 2 or more areas in one search
  133. Lightbox and Colorbox overlays
  134. advanced training question
  135. Duplicate title tags
  136. I need to narrow my search results to a building address
  137. How to use only IDX Properties...
  138. MLS Listings on alternate language pages
  139. InFocus theme problem
  140. Help running dsIDXpress on Nginx
  141. Price History
  142. Sq Ft Field in Search Widget
  143. An easy way to display different IDX Listing Widgets on different sidebars?
  144. Is "link ID" a possible parameter in URL structure?
  145. Questions on Shortcodes, Tracts, and Listing Thumbnails
  146. Link Structure Multiple Values
  147. Stupid Shortcode Question of the Day from Me
  148. Advanced search landing page
  149. All listing features listed in "quotes"
  150. save as favorites IDXpress
  151. Thumbnail images on idx pages
  152. Property Links load home page?
  153. How to show only short sales or bank owned properties?
  154. 2 criteria in shortcode?
  155. PHP List Pages + Description
  156. Property Details Links not working
  157. sitemap all properties on mls
  158. Link structure not working
  159. Comprehensive Shortcode index and display map by default
  160. Remove Header from Search
  161. Themeing Workflow?
  162. shortcode for displaying list of multiple listings by MLS number
  163. Slow Script Warning in IE 8 when dsIDX is activated.
  164. Specifi Property Types produce No Results
  165. Post IDX listing page to Facebook: no image (used to work)
  166. Contact Form - Is there shortcode to place this?
  167. Plugin API or New Feature
  168. IDX Areas Widget - How to customize
  169. Is there any way to disable rental properties from displaying site-wide?
  170. Customize the MLS Listing Icons - Show Map, Request Info, Schedule Showing, Share...
  171. IDX and theming
  172. Price Range Dropdown in Search Widget
  173. HELP! I'm not receiving form submissions
  174. Not all real estate is in a city.....
  175. Wordpress says: "Wordpress link structure ok?": NO (Now what do I do?)
  176. Is there anyway to change the text under the search widget "Try Our Advanced Search"
  177. IDXpress Sidebar Search Widget Question
  178. Javascript and iframe errors
  179. Option to remove listing map
  180. Link Structure Issues
  181. J Shortcodes conflicting on some pages
  182. Where do we get the Slider.php??
  183. Customizing IDX widget
  184. Javascript or JQuery conflict errors?
  185. Bug? Incorrectly Showing Location of Property Marked As Do Not Display Address
  186. similar properties sidebar widget for IDXPRESS
  187. User form to create link structures
  188. Remove Days on Market from Search and Results
  189. Traffic Dropped by 65%
  190. Remove "Listed with"
  191. Changing Search Widget Labels
  192. Search Widget Functionality Issue
  193. What do monthly and setup fees get?
  194. Property Search Listing error
  195. Modify labels on search results page
  196. Listing details contact page not working
  197. Is there a way to adjust the size of the IDX Search Box
  198. Value being returned as "n/a"
  199. Specifying multiple values using shortcodes
  200. Missing MLS listing
  201. IDX Areas Widget empty li line top of list
  202. Lead Comments impossible to read on iPhone
  203. Images not appearing in Internet Explorer 8
  204. Removing Property Types?
  205. Footer question - text mis-aligned
  206. Remove property types in dsidxpress widget
  207. Footer Disclaimer will hurt search rankings
  208. listings not displaying or wrong ones display
  209. Property Types on new Zillow site
  210. Change color on advanced search page
  211. Different spacing in different browsers
  212. Nav menus are overwritten by idx Search Results
  213. CSS Stylesheet
  214. Map results display behind the map.
  215. Sold Listings ?
  216. BRs messing up returned markup
  217. How to make an input of MLS # into search pull up the detail page directly...
  218. problem with ds idx press- in rss feed
  219. Quick Search widget landing on wrong page
  220. How to change Contact email on listing page
  221. how to change dsIDXpress plugin output page to have an expandable menu?
  222. dsIDXpress requiring login to view property details
  223. Property listing photo viewer
  224. Slideshow question
  225. key not active
  226. property photo disappears after clicking on search widget generated link
  227. How to modify listings widget details slideshow to be horizontal instead of vertical?
  228. DS IDX Press not respecting canonical redirect to non www page
  229. How to change image size in shortcode result feed
  230. How do you set up pagination ie... Next Page
  231. Need guidance on building a link structure
  232. 404 Site Errors
  233. Error on IDX Search widget
  234. Wordpress Search
  235. Full list of shortcodes?
  236. Issue on Individual Property Page
  237. Activation Issues
  238. page title is always "real estate matching your search"
  239. Disclaimer at bottom of page?
  240. & being used instead of &
  241. New advanced IDX search form
  242. SEO Settings Question
  243. Upgrading to dsIDXpress Pro
  244. 404 Redirect custom page
  245. Registration Controls for dsIDXpress Pro
  246. Non-Flash gallery for the listings?
  247. Photo Gallery not working in idxPress PRO
  248. wrqhym wrqhym - New dsIDXpress Visitor Registration
  249. dsIDXpresss Pro: Home Page Search Results in Map View?
  250. Bed and Bath are appearing too many times on the listing output = not good for SEO