View Full Version : Any way to copy search links for easier modification?

Trust in Justin
05-17-2011, 08:35 AM

I often use IDX links in campaign emails, and sometimes I'll have many different links to different types of properties.

Instead of having to rebuild each link from scratch, is there an easy way to copy a link and use it as a baseline for the next?

In other words, my searches may use 10 different criteria/variables, but I'll only need to change one or two for each search, such as price or square footage.

Can this be done? It would make it much less likely that I'd miss one of the search parameters, such as "restrict to viewable area," etc.



Ricardo Bueno
05-17-2011, 08:57 AM
Hi Justin,

I may not be understanding what you're trying to do to well...

If you're using dsSearchAgent to build Custom Links for your campaigns, there isn't an easy way to edit a link just from the URL. So in this case, you will have to create a custom link for each set of search parameters to include in your campaign emails. You can't just use one an edit it.

Please let me know if I'm missing or mis-understanding something. Any more specific information you can provide would be helpful.

Trust in Justin
05-17-2011, 09:21 AM
Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Based on your answer, I think you got my question, but here are the specifics:

-To create a link, any of literally dozens of criteria can be entered. Limit to properties in visible area, city, # bedrooms, # bathrooms, price points, status, foreclosures/pre-foreclosures, garages, community features, etc.

-Even 2 very basic searches requires that many criteria be input.

-For example:

Condos/Townhomes: 2+ BR, 2+ BA, Community Pool, 1995 and newer, $50,000 - $200,000, foreclosure/pre-foreclosure
Condos/Townhomes: 2+ BR, 2+ BA, Private Garage, Community Pool/Spa, 2000 and newer, $200,000+, foreclosure/pre-foreclosure

-These are very similar searches. All I want to do is change the year of construction, add a garage, and increase the price point.

-Is there any way to build the initial search, then duplicate it and only make the changes that are required to generate the 2nd search?

Here's what would be a nice interface to do that:

-Create "Search 1"
-Click the "Edit" link for Search 1
-Rename "Search 1" as "Search 2"
-Change the criteria, as desired
-Click "Save"
-By renaming the search, a new link would be generated and the initial link left intact.

Does that help clarify my initial question?



05-25-2011, 05:16 PM
I agree... I have often wished this feature existed

05-27-2011, 10:50 AM
How about a super simple way of doing this... When you're on a specific property's details, you can easily cut and paste the link using SHARE>DIRECT LINK

What if there was a similar share button on the map tab. The link generated there would just be a quick link to the search criteria that brought up those results. You could create links all day long without the hassle of "building" them in the control panel.


Mike McGee
05-27-2011, 12:38 PM
Great idea @colecurrier! I've often wanted an easy way to send a client a handful of listings. Users might want to do this too, for example, send some listings to their spouse, rather than just one listing. Some option to "Share these listings" would be nice.

How about little check boxes on each listing displayed on the list view so one could mark several listings to either Save or Share?

Ricardo Bueno
07-22-2011, 02:33 PM
Hey Guys,

Really dig the suggestions and totally see how they're useful. Now just so you all know, we do actively work on implementing a lot of suggestions from users in between new releases. So as a reminder, I wanted to share our process for collecting feedback/suggestions for new features:


In your Control Panel, you can submit and vote on new suggestions for implementation in new releases.

If you have any questions on anything else, please go ahead an open a new thread and I'll hop on over to answer it!