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    Change the word Tract to Subdivision

    Is it possible for me to replace the word "tract" with the word "subdivision" using css or any type of customization?

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    Any Help???

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    Apr 2011
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Our consumers in Indianapolis, Indiana have no idea what a tract is. They all know it as a subdivision. Seems to be that way in Florida too. Hopefully, DS will eventually label the database field as needed for the area served.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasongreensir View Post
    Is it possible for me to replace the word "tract" with the word "subdivision" using css or any type of customization?
    Hey Jason,

    My apologies for the delayed response here. Unfortunately, the wording cannot be changed. It's a title field using one of 4 names: City, Community, Tract or Zip. Changing/removing that name field would break any results.

    You can change the text around it in your dsIDXpress options (in WordPress), you just can't change the name of the area from Tract to Subdivision in this case.
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    Dec 2010
    Atlanta, GA
    This has got to be one of the most common complaints I hear about DS products. I would bet the overwhelming majority of DS users across the country use something other than the word "tract" to describe their subdivisions/neighborhoods. Sure would be nice to see a fix offered for this.

    My biggest complaint re: the use of the word tract is on the dsIDXpress Quick Search widget or dsSearchAgent Quick Search Module. In my area people want to search by neighborhood, and if I show them a quick search form that says "tract", they will have no idea what that means!

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    Agreed! This needs to be fixed.


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    Apr 2011
    Another really BIG reason to change this, is the fact that "Tract" can also search condo building names. That would be huge for my website if I could have a field titled, "Building Name" or something similar. Instead of "Tract". Very stupid...

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    I agree with this. In San Diego (downtown) people search a lot using the building or "complex" name and that would be huge if offered in the MLS search.

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    May 2011
    Here's a workaround. It requires jQuery.

    This will look for the CSS ID "title", which is the ID of the title for dsIDXpress pages. When it finds the id it will then search for the word tract (case insenitive) and replace it with Subdivision.

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    	$.fn.replaceText = function( search, replace, text_only ) {
        return this.each(function(){
          var node = this.firstChild,
            remove = [];
          if ( node ) {
            do {
              if ( node.nodeType === 3 ) {
                val = node.nodeValue;
                new_val = val.replace( search, replace );
                if ( new_val !== val ) {
                  if ( !text_only && /</.test( new_val ) ) {
                    $(node).before( new_val );
                    remove.push( node );
                  } else {
                    node.nodeValue = new_val;
            } while ( node = node.nextSibling );
          remove.length && $(remove).remove();
      $("#title").replaceText( "tract", "Subdivision" ); 
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