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    easy construction

    Floor materials Ground materials generally include: solid wood floors, composite wood floors, natural stone, artificial stone floor tiles, carpets made of textile products, and floors of artificial products (plastics). Solid wood flooring Solid wood flooring is a ground decoration material that has been dried and processed into wood. It has a natural pattern, good foot feel, easy construction, safe use, and good decorative effect. Composite flooring Composite flooring is raw materials as raw materials, after crushing, filling with adhesive and anti-corrosion materials, processed into a floor pavement profile. Solid wood composite flooring Solid wood composite flooring is a new type of flooring between solid wood flooring and laminate flooring. It has the natural arts and sciences, texture and elasticity of solid wood flooring, and it also has the advantages of strengthening the flooring against deformation and easy cleaning. Floor tiles Floor tiles are one of the main flooring materials. They are whole body bricks, glazed bricks, whole body polished bricks, seepage bricks, and osmotic polished bricks. Its characteristics are: solid texture, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no water seepage, easy to clean, low water absorption, more color patterns, and good decorative effect. Stone plate Stone plate is a plate-shaped decorative surface material made from natural rock through block processing, sawing, polishing and other processing processes. The stone plate has the characteristics of dense structure and high strength, and has strong resistance to moisture and weather resistance. Carpet Carpets are soft, thick, elastic and have good sound insulation and heat insulation.
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    Chuyên cung cấp thùng nhựa rỗng:

    Thùng nhựa rỗng DCB 512

    Thùng nhựa rỗng DCP 413

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 002

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 016

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 008

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 014

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 015

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 018

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 020

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 011

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 012

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 028

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 013

    Thùng nhựa rỗng g*p GX50

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 022

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 004

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 010

    Thùng nhựa rỗng QL 029

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 005

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 009

    Thùng nhựa rỗng 8TR

    Thùng nhựa rỗng HS 019

    Thùng nhựa rỗng PJB 625

    Thùng nhựa rỗng 3T1

    Sóng nắp lớn

    Sóng xếp 2T8

    Sóng xếp 3T1

    Thùng nhựa rỗng T45

    Địa chỉ: Số 07, Lô M Khu Dân Cư Thới An, Đường Lê Thị Riêng, phường Thới An, Qu*n 12, TP Hồ Ch* Minh (Tìm vị tr*)

    Mã số thuế: 0313728887 (31/03/2016)

    Người ĐDPL: Võ Văn Quyết

    Ng*y hoạt động: 05/04/2016

    Giấy phép kinh doanh: 0313728887

    Website: thuanthienpvc.com - ĐT: (08) 22117699



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