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    Exclamation SEO for IDX Pages

    Had quite a lengthy post about the IDX pages today, but saw something pretty quickly that is of concern. I liked initially that the IDX page got picked up in search engines, but the complication comes from google then crawling the, "Next" and "Last" links at the top of the search results. What I discovered today is that when I went into look at "back bay apartments" keyword, google actually indexed a new link, which ends up being the 5th page of search results.

    This presents a problem, because what happens if at a certain point in time there are not 5 pages worth of results, the page is going to look like it dissappeared to google, thus all the effort of building authority for it will be gone. I am currently seeking away to combat this by getting google to only index the first page of results, and adding a "nofollow" tag to any additional search pages. (This problem is more complicated than it looks, as I cannot easily access the "next" and "last" links from inside the IDX pages, and simply add a no follow tag)

    Here is an easy example to look at what I am talking about.

    It went from yesterday being this in google,

    To This


    This is unacceptable, and will result in poor seo performance over time. The link juice is being passed onto other results pages because google is crawling them. I will report back if I can figure out a way to set a "nofollow" solution so that the 1st page of results keeps all the authority within search results. Hopefully I find one this evening, and can let it sit for a few weeks to confirm this is how it works. If it works, I will be very happy with the IDX pages feature, other than that, it is absolutely worthless and is junk.
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    Quick css tip I found out tonight, add the code below to your theme's css to get rid of the big disclaimer paragraphs.

    display: none !important;

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    I caution everyone to be informed about the implications of hiding IDX content disclaimers. They typically don't appear where they are not required to be displayed.

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    If your concerned about legality issues, you can put a legal terms of use section in your footer and copy and paste that disclaimer ONCE if you'd like, so your covered. Instead of having the annoying thing show up everywhere all over the site.

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    **UPDATE** After sitting here for an hour scheming of ways to access the link, I just decided for now, to completely block the other pages from coming up for the moment, until I have a full day to dedicate my time to figuring this out. Funny how nobody at this company would have though of this issue before hand. I find myself having to edit quite a lot with this plugin already. So unfortunately, customers will only have access to the latest 30 results under apartment pages, because the shortcodes display looks horrid.

    /* Removes The "Next" and "Last" Links from the Results Page */
    .dsidx-paging-control {
    display: none;

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    Thanks for the fix, I had the same problem



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