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    WordPress theme for dsIDXpress


    I've just finished WordPress theme that has built in support for dsIDXpress plugin.
    I'm curious about your opinion.

    (choose IDX form the menu to see all dsIDXpress options).

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny View Post

    I've just finished WordPress theme that has built in support for dsIDXpress plugin.
    I'm curious about your opinion.

    (choose IDX form the menu to see all dsIDXpress options).
    Hello Johnny,

    We don't actually work with Theme Developer's when they bundle our Plugin in with their Theme, so we wouldn't be able to give you too much information about that. However, if you are interested in using our Plugin to access data from your MLS, then you can find more information about our Product along with pricing information on our website here: http://www.diversesolutions.com/product/wordpress-idx/.
    David Rodriguez
    Support: 877.348.7654 Ext.3
    Website | Blog | Help Desk | Forum | Submit A Ticket

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    The best themes to use are just the free ones you can search from your WP backend!

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