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    Suggestion on dsIDXpress IDX Listing Widget. Sort Order.

    I know DS doesn't want to make a full-fledged MLS tool out of dsIDXpress. But the sort choices are a bit curious to me on the Listing Widget. You have sort by Price with Highest first. But no sort for Lowest First. See picture. Everybody wants a bargain and they are more likely to look at lower priced properties. If the widget is set up to only show a finite of properties, they will never see the lower priced properties as "teasers" with the way the widget is programmed now.

    Yes, we can make custom links within our pages to accomplish this but how come the widget doesn't have this most likely used sort order of Lowest Price First?

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    Hey John,

    First off, I appreciate your feedback.

    Now I do find this a bit curious, and I think you're the first Agent to request a sort order based on lowest priced first. Most Agents actually ask me if there's a way to exclude lower priced homes. But anyway, I'm assuming the sort order for lowest priced isn't in there because most of our Agents prefer to promote the sale of the higher priced listings.

    Just so you know, I'm certainly not trying to debate this one way or the other. I'll submit this up as a Ticket to see what we can do...

    Ricardo Bueno
    Diverse Solutions
    Real Estate Technology Made Easy!

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    I can understand that some agents want the opposite. But if we take the example of Summerlin masterplan in my neck of the woods or maybe Irvine in you area. If we start with the highest price, only a select few people could afford the top 30 houses in either area. But everyone wants to live there, yes? So, I'd rather tease them with something they could afford. Summerlin for example has homes as high as $13.4 million and as low as $100k. Showing the highest 25 doesn't make sense in most cases. And if that is what is showing up in google search descriptions--they won't click. Especially since investors are pouring into Las Vegas now...they want cheap! And, of course I will set them in the right direction (somewhere in between would make more sense) but at least let them know there is something on the low end too.

    Also, i took a brief look at the widget code. It looks like every criteria is based on descending order. So maybe the programmers have not created a hook yet for ascending sort order.
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    Hey John,

    I submitted a Ticket for ya on this...
    Ricardo Bueno
    Diverse Solutions
    Real Estate Technology Made Easy!

    Check out our blog:

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    Thank you.

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    Looks like you did it in the latest release. And thank you for doing that so quickly. The unintended consequence is that it shows condos because they are cheapest. So feature request for next time, choice of : Condo, Town house, SFR

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